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Fully licenses & BYO ( Wine only, $2 service charge per head)

HUE $34/head

Minimum 2 people for banquets


  • Tofu soup


  • Vegetarian Spring rolls (2)
  • Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls(1)


  • Tamarind Vegetarian Duck
  • Seasonal Vegetable Combination With Tofu
  • Lemongrass Vegetarian Pork
  • Steamed Rice
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
HOI AN $34/head

Minimum 2 people for banquets


  • Vegetable Soup


  • Vegetarian Sping rolls(2)
  • Vegetarian Rice paper rolls(1)


  • Tamarind Vegetarian Pork
  • Seasonal Vegetable Combination With Duck
  • Lemongrass Tofu
  • Steamed Rice
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.


34. Nha Trang Vegetables Soup from 6

Traditional Vietnamese hot sweet & sour, with a combination of bean shoots & garnished with our aromatic herbs. Your choice of

  • Vegetables      (T) $6 – (D) $6
  • Tofu                 (T) $6 – (D) $6
  • Layer pork      (T) $6 – (D) $6
  • Abalone          (T) $7 – (D) $7
35. Tofu & corn soup (T) $6 - (D) $7

Tofu & fresh sweet corn in a delicate chicken broth

36. Tofu & Asparagus Soup (T) $6 - (D) $7

Fresh tofu with Asparagus in a delicate chicken broth

37. Vegetable Soup (T) $6 - (D) $7

Clear soup with combination of seasonal vegetables

38. Bean Curd (Tofu Soup) (T) $6 - (D) $6

Young fresh tofu in a clear broth

39. Vegetarian Spring rolls (7 Rolls) (T) $7 - (D) $7

Special homemade fried spring rolls, served with iceberg lettuce, herbs, and a choice of our homemade fish sauce or sweet sour chilly sauce.

40. Vegetarian Rice paper rolls ( 4 Rolls) (T) $8 - (D) $8

Fresh tofu paper rolled with tofu, lettuce, vermicelli and herbs, served with homemade green bean sauce.

41. Wonton fried parcels (10 parcels) (T) $10 - (D) $12

Fresh tofu wrapped in square egg pasta, Deep fried and served with blended sweet chilli sauce.

42. Vietnamese vegetarian country pancake (T) $14 - (D) $15

(not available on Friday & Sat)

A country pancake, filled with tofu, bean shoots, spring onions, served with iceberg lettuce & herbs with homemade fish sauce

43. Vegetarian coleslaw from 14

Shredded cabbage and mint leaves tossed with carrots, turnips and herbs, served with Nha Trang’s salad dressing, sprinkled with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and served with prawn crackers. Your choice of:

  • Tofu                                     (T) $14     (D) $15
  • Vegetarian layer pork      (T) $15      (D) $16
  • Vegetarian Abalone          (T) $16     (D) $17
Steamed Rice $2.00
Fried Rice $4.00
44. Vegetarian Mock Duck / (T) $14 - (D) $15

Fresh Fried tofu or Vegetarian Layer Pork

This is different for those who haven’t tried vegetarian meat. Various meats that are made from bean curd. Taste like meat but acttually isn’t . A variety of Nha Trang Vietnamese style popular sauces are available to complement the vegetarian meats: (not recommend for gluten free patrons)

A. Cashew Nuts and onions stir fried in Nha trang sauce

B. Satay Sauce with fresh onion and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

C. Tamarind Fruits (sweet & sour) marinated and cooked with onion & garlic

D. Plum Sauce (sweet & sour) marinated and cooked with onion & garlic

E. Lemongrass Sauce with chillies and garlic

F. Traditional Vietnamese Curry with a mixture of carrot, Vietnamese sweet potato and onions, served with Vietnamese bread rolls.

45. Seasonal Vegetable Combination (T) $14 - (D) $15

Stir fried mixed seasonal vegetables, with fresh tofu and cashew nuts

46. Fried Egg Noodle / Crispy Noodle (T) $15 - (D) $16

Egg noodles stir fried with seasonal vegetables, tofu and cashew nuts.

47. Vegetarian Hot Pot from $16

Stir fried mixed seasonal vegetables, with your choice of:

  • Mock duck                          (T) $16 – (D) $16
  • Vegetarian layer pork       (T) $16 – (D) $16
  • Vegetarian abalone           (T) $17 – (D) $17
48. Salted & Hot pepper from $14

Deep fried and then tossed in our salted and hot pepper sauce of garlic, onion and garnished with salad. Served with sweet & sour chilli sauce:

  • Fried tofu              (T) $14 – (D) $15
  • Vegetarian ribs     (T) $15 – (D) $16
49. Vegetarian Layer Pork (T) $15 - (D) &16

The meats that are made from soya bean curd, stir fried with fresh onion in home made soya sauce.

50. Vegetarian Codfish (T) $16 - (D) $16

This fish is made from soybean. Stir fried with Nha Trang homemade tomato sauce, Served on a sizzling hot plate.

51. Vegetarian Abalone (T) $17 - (D) $17

Whole abalone steamed with Nha Trang oyster sauce. Served with steamed seasonal vegetables.


52. Nha Trang Vegetarian Steam Boat from $40

Hot and sour clear soup with a combination of fresh fried tofu, mock duck and layer meat (various meats that are made from bean curd), garnished with herbs served in a pot brought to your dining table on a stove. Complemented with seasonal vegetables, vermicelli and homemade soya sauce.

  • Small (for 2 people)               $40
  • Large (for 3 – 4 people)         $50

Nha Trang Restaurant

We promise a warm and relaxed dining experience that offers something truly Vietnamese to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience everytime


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